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Improving employee performance since 1988.

Learning Masters was founded in 1988 on the belief that all clients are unique and deserve a custom solution to their training needs. We focus on learners, taking into account their needs, learning styles, and preferences.

Al Frank, PhD, founder and Chief Learning Master, is passionate about helping others learn what they need to know to drive new behaviors, maximize productivity, and improve performance. For over four decades he’s helped others learn what they need to know and do to be successful.

Al started his career at 3M and has held leadership roles in a number of training organizations. Prior to founding Learning Masters, he was Vice President of Special Design for Wilson Learning.

Learning Masters leverages strategic alliances with other organizations to satisfy unique client learning needs. Al manages each Learning Masters project and does the instructional design. Depending on the learning solution, other resources may join his team. This may include other instructional designers, facilitators, medical writers, editors, programmers, audio/video producers, and graphic designers. Al ensures each resource is the right fit for the solution being created.